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Beautiful, Straight Teeth With Invisalign®

Talk to Dr. Heath to Find Out More!

Are you concerned about crooked teeth, uncomfortable crowding in your mouth, or excess spacing between your teeth? If so, then you need to visit our office at Bonnie Doon Dental Care. We are proud to offer our patients the Invisalign® system to help correct misaligned teeth or an uneven smile. Talk to Dr. Heath to find out whether this option may be right for you!

clear aligner braces

Invisalign Can Solve a Number of Problems, Such As

  • Fixing a crossbite
  • Correcting tooth crowding
  • Creating an ideal bite relationship
  • Minimizing spaces in between the teeth
  • Improving your teeth with minimal discomfort

Invisalign is a perfect option if you are reluctant to get traditional braces, as the clear aligners are nearly invisible. At Bonnie Doon Dental Care, we want you to experience the freedom and comfort that Invisalign can bring! If you live in Edmonton and are looking for an Invisalign provider, look no further! Contact our office by calling 780-466-8800 and let our staff help you get the smile of your dreams!

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