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Valuable Advice & Treatment From Dr. Heath

A sealant is a thin, durable coating that is bonded to the grooves and crevices on the biting surfaces of the teeth further back in the mouth. Sealants are intended to prevent tooth decay and are simple to apply. Meet with Dr. Heath at Bonnie Doon Dental Care to discuss sealants and other treatment options that will improve the shape, appearance, and health of your teeth!

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Applying Sealants Includes the Following Steps

  • Cleaning the tooth
  • Preparing the tooth surface for bonding of the sealant
  • Placing the sealant onto the tooth
  • Light curing the sealant to obtain a hard, clean surface

Even though regular dental check-ups are essential, additional measures are sometimes necessary to decrease the probability of dental disease, such as cavities, between check-ups. Sealants are placed to prevent food and bacteria from adhering to tooth enamel, and are vital to ensuring the safety and stability of your teeth. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Heath and discover the many beneficial aspects of sealants and our various other services by calling 780-466-8800 today!

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