For dental emergencies for current patients of the clinic, please call 780-466-8800.

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Fillings by Dr. Heath

Professional Options for Preventing Tooth Decay

At Bonnie Doon Dental Care, we provide a wide variety of services aimed at treating tooth decay. One common procedure in this area is placing a filling. We can provide you with both regular fillings and white tooth-colored fillings. Our fillings can be made from a variety of materials, such as gold, porcelain, or resin.

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Fillings Offer Many Benefits, Such As

  • Removal of tooth decay
  • Prevention of further decay
  • Natural appearance and color
  • Restoration of tooth’s natural shape and function

Although all of our fillings are of the highest quality, our white tooth-colored fillings have the added cosmetic benefit of looking healthy and natural! If you are suffering from tooth decay and think that a filling may be right for you, speak with Dr. Heath today by calling 780-466-8800 and let our staff provide you with high-quality dental services.

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