For dental emergencies for current patients of the clinic, please call 780-466-8800.

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Convenient Root Canals in Edmonton

Dental Work You Can Trust!

Gone are the days when getting a root canal meant experiencing terrible pain and discomfort. Thanks to modern technological advances and our careful attention to detail at Bonnie Doon Dental Care, you can have a more comfortable procedure to treat your decayed or damaged teeth. If you are interested, consult with Dr. Heath to set up an appointment!

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Root Canals Often Result In

  • A return to comfortable chewing
  • Natural tooth contours and pleasing appearance
  • The ability to retain teeth that might otherwise be removed

If your teeth are extra sensitive, your gums are swollen and painful, or you have extreme discomfort, you may be able to get relief through root canal treatment. During the procedure, Dr. Heath will remove all of the infected material, disinfect the tooth, and seal it tight. For more information on where to begin, contact us today at 780-466-8800.

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